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Gifts of Earth and Heaven 50"x40" Limited Editions Giclee on Canvas

Gifts of Earth and Heaven 50"x40" Limited Editions Giclee on Canvas

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Where does the invisible boundary between earthly gifts and heavenly ones reside? Can it be found in the gentle sound of bluebells or in the play of a ray of light through Venetian glass? Is it in the aroma of roses or the sweetness borne by grape vines? Or maybe in the songs of the birds of paradise?
The painting “Gifts of Earth and Heaven” is exquisite and deeply emotional - and gives rise to a feeling of tangible delight. The refined magnificence is conveyed through the chords of shadow and light, reflected in the transparent glass of the decanter and in the fluttering petals of heavenly bluebells. Do you hear their sound? - One is created by hand, and the
other - by the heavenly power of nature. They sound in unison harmony, singing the beauty of the earthly and the splendor of the heavenly...
The theme of Earth and Heaven continues in other images. In front of us lies an old book, slightly covered with a handkerchief with lace trim, that rivals the grace of the leaves of blooming flowers. The manuscript and the book give the painting an atmosphere of history, heritage, and wisdom.
A magnificent carpet is spread out in front of the viewer, on which various gifts of nature look so tantalizing. The apples are fresh and juicy, the pomegranates sparkle with ripe red seeds, and the grapes boast a variety of shapes and colors.
Aren’t these gifts from the Garden of Eden? Elegant roses, blooming and in bud, add romance to the composition - their petals seem truly alive, full of tenderness, openness, and sensuality. Absorb their delicate fragrance emanating under a light breeze passing by the painting…
The linen whiteness of the handkerchief with lace trim and the patterns of the multicolored carpet are executed with astonishing realism. Each fold, crease or pattern creates a sense of texture… as if you can feel them through a gentle touch...

Each viewer will see something special, personal, and intimate in the painting. Someone will appreciate the richness of the composition, the imagination… someone will muse on the symphony of multicolored images and the mysterious restraint of the background shadows.
But without a doubt, this work carries an idea of elegance and abundance, harmony and delight between the beautiful paradise and generous earthly.
Born of the genius of the Master, in the unsurpassed and elegant manner of the "Old Dutch", all the elements of earth and heaven create a unique work that allows us to be enchanted by a world of delightful aromas, captivating colors, and elevated taste.

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