eagle_of_love-40x24_love is an all-conquering force
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eagle_of_love-fragment-10x8-2-if you don't know the bird, just look at it
eagle_of_love-fragment-10x8-3-rose petals instead of feathers
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eagle_of_love-fragment-10x8-5-watch out for that eagle

"Eagle of Love" 40x24 inches

Normaler Preis$800.00

Print on Canvas 40x24 inches, Signed and Numbered Giclee Limited Edition

“Eagle of Love: A Surreal Serenade”

In the twilight of existence, where feathers kiss petals and dreams take flight, there exists an enigmatic canvas—an ode to love and metamorphosis.

Amidst celestial hues, an eagle unfurls its wings—a sentinel of the skies. But wait! These wings are no ordinary plumage; they harbor secrets. Each feather, a petal in disguise, yearns for transformation. Is it the eagle that longs to bloom, or the roses that crave flight?

They dance—a pas de deux across dimensions. The eagle pirouettes, shedding feathers like autumn leaves. Crimson blooms emerge, tendrils intertwining. Petals unfurl, whispering secrets to the wind. Is this love? Or alchemy? Perhaps both.

The roses blush, their thorns softened by desire. They murmur sonnets to the eagle, who listens with eyes closed. Is it the fragrance of love or the taste of sky that lingers on their lips? The language of petals knows no bounds; it weaves constellations into verses.

And then—a kiss. Not of lips, but of souls. The eagle leans in, its beak brushing velvet petals. Time bends; galaxies applaud. Is this the union of earth and air, or the birth of a celestial ballad? The roses tremble, petals trembling like heartbeats.

Together, they ascend—a hybrid of feather and bloom. The eagle’s eyes reflect constellations, while the roses hum forgotten melodies. Is it love that lifts them, or the promise of eternity? They soar, leaving stardust in their wake.

And so, dear listener, embrace the surreal. Let your heart bloom like roses in flight. For in this canvas, where eagles court petals and love defies gravity, we find solace—a serenade to the improbable.

Fade out, as the eagle becomes a constellation, and the roses, a cosmic chorus.



Giclee (pronounced zhee-klay), giclee is a neologism derived from the French word “gicleur” which means “nozzle”. It is a fine art digital print made using inkjet printers. The name was originally applied to fine art prints it is a high-quality printing method used to reproduce fine art, including paintings and photographs. It involves using high-resolution printers and archival inks to create museum-quality prints that are often virtually identical to the original artwork in terms of color, detail, and texture. Giclee prints are known for their exceptional clarity and longevity.

Limited Edition

A Limited Edition refers to a set number of art prints that are produced from an original artwork. The artist decides the total quantity in the edition.  Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. and once that number is reached, no more prints are made. Limited editions are often preferred by collectors because they are considered more exclusive and valuable than open editions. The serial number indicates the number of the individual print and the total number of prints made in the limited edition series ex:12/500.

 Embellished Giclee

Limited Editions Embellished Giclee is a specific type of Giclee print that has been further enhanced by the artist. In this process, the artist adds hand-painted details or embellishments to the Giclee print, making each piece unique. These embellishments can include brushstrokes, texture, and other elements that give the print a more personalized and authentic feel. An artist paints or draws in areas of choice to add texture, making a giclee look even more like an original than it already does. Limited Editions Embellished Giclees are typically produced in a limited quantity, and each one is signed and numbered by the artist. By the end of the print run, each individual work will retain its value over time.

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