Artist-Owned Website: Buy Original Paintings & Giclee Limited Editions

    ANTonovART.com transcends the ordinary online gallery experience. It serves as a gateway to a meta-realistic fusion of boundless creativity.Within its virtual walls, you will encounter the intangible yet irreplaceable, the mysterious yet exquisitely beautiful. Imagine a world where light turns into caring warmth, forged from the love and irony of postmodernity - a world we will generously share with you.

    At ANTonovART, we don’t merely curate fine art; we curate original paintings and limited edition giclées, each a mesmerizing testament to artistic excellence and craftsmanship. Your journey through our online gallery promises intellectual stimulation for the curious and adventurous.

    If you’ve found your way here, consider it a testament to your intelligence and discerning taste. Amidst the chic and avant-garde art on display, you’re bound to discover that one exquisite piece capable of breathing life into your living space. At ANTonovART, we celebrate your unique style.

    Welcome to ANTonovART.com, an online gallery where you can discover and acquire exceptional works of art. We specialize in original paintings, limited editions, and delightful gift items, all crafted by the talented artist, Alexei Antonov.

    The Artist

    Alexey Antonov is a master of still life and portraiture, drawing inspiration from the techniques of Flemish masters. His works are characterized by their refinement, depth, and meticulous attention to detail. Explore samples of his artistry on our ANTonovART.com website.

    Our Team

  1. Alexey Antonov: The artist himself, he sells his paintings directly without intermediaries.
  2. Tanya: Alexey’s spouse, who assists in managing the website.
  3. Alena: A close friend of Alexey, also actively involved in the project.

  4. Our Journey

    While the ANTonovART.com domain and website have existed for some time, they have yet to reach their full potential. After a significant event—the unfortunate fire that consumed my beloved gallery on the Hawaiian island of Maui—I’ve decided to take this website seriously. Now, I place great hopes upon it.

    Platform and Legality

    To create ANTonovART.com, I’ve chosen the robust Shopify platform for e-commerce. With its high level of professionalism and legal compliance, we’re well-equipped for successful business operations.

    Acquiring Art

    Visit our sample works page to learn more about artist, and explore unique art pieces available on ANTonovART.com.

    Thank you for your interest in the world of art! 🎨