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Alexei Antonov Fine Art -

"Genesis" Print on Canvas 54x54 inches, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Giclee

"Genesis" Print on Canvas 54x54 inches, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Giclee

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Genesis is depicted by the Master in the form of surrealism symbolic art that visualizes the process of creative beginnings and development.

The Master decided to start with the image of a green mosaic of roots, which apparently symbolizes the birth of an idea. The body of unformed entanglements, chaotic knots of intersection give life to the living. Centrally positioned over-sized grapes and transparent pomegranate seeds fill in and complement the flower-like wonder-plant.

The whole design morphs into something more complex and expressive as it moves across the canvas:  yellow–and magenta-colored confident petals, slightly open lips, a symmetry of semi profiles, a wonder eye...The mosaic and unpredictability of images and objects changes and transforms from one phase to the next, symbolizing the development of an idea from beginning to completion.

The created chimera-plant surprises with its unreality, illogicality and clarity of the cross-shaped formation. Perhaps the artist paid tribute to the symbol associated with resurrection, rebirth, salvation and eternal life? Do we want to conquer the top of this "pyramid of life" to gain immortality?

 Are we given the choice to be a hard-working ant, a carefree butterfly, an all-seeing eye or a trumpet voice in heaven? Are we free to choose or are we chosen?

The artist creates a path from the living to the heavenly. His unpredictable palette mixes colors, shapes, and figures in seemingly chaotic disorder, but the result is a rigorously calibrated cosmic dynamic structure that evokes a pure sense of amusement and delight.

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