Artistic Manifesto

The Artist's Vision, Artist's Credo :


"To astonish & inspire"

Whenever I contemplate cabbage-like flowers, I lose the sense of time and begin to seek other natural forms. Something marvelous, something that shouldn't be there, but if it appears, it means a wish is coming true, something fortunate will happen, someone will recover.

Alexei Antonov

When I take up the palette and canvas, my primary goal is to amaze myself, to create something extraordinary, to explore a new idea and evoke questions that no one has asked before. When viewers gaze upon my painting, it ceases to be mine, and that's beautiful. It's like building a spaceship, pouring your soul into it. It lifts off the ground, and your heart beats in unison with powerful engines. Yet, you never know if it will soar to the stars or spectacularly crash into the atmosphere. 

In this lies the power and cruelty of art—it lives its own life, independent of the artist. This is where its eternal, ruthless magic resides.


When I'm among people, some ask me a quite common question: "What were you trying to convey with this artwork?" And every time, I find myself in a bit of a stupor. They don't realize how long and agonizingly I pondered over this piece and how challenging it is for me to explain even to myself: "What did I want to say?". But one beautiful day, I came up with what I will say in such situations and have stuck to this reliable strategy since then. After all, making up a new story every time diminishes the true meaning. Although, I must admit, sometimes these improvised stories look quite beautiful and match what is happening on the canvas. Still, telling the truth is more important than spinning tales.

So, here's my standard, so to speak, response: "You know, it's quite possible that I'm much less intelligent than you, my IQ is much lower than yours. But after you've heard what I think about it, you'll have to live with it."

By the way, for example, when I listen to a musical composition, subconscious visions of paintings appear. The more I hear this musical piece, the more vivid and interesting the events become on my internal canvas. Oddly, in those moments, I resist the urge to ask the musician what they intended to convey. I fear hearing something that could shatter my precious images. So, I try to deflect with a short, semi-jocular comment, leaving the viewer the right to draw their own conclusions.

 Moreover, I love hearing viewers' opinions about my canvases. Firstly, because I adore praise, and secondly, because some of the stories they tell genuinely surprise and delight me.

 Every brushstroke, every note, every word is evidence of the human spirit's ability to transcend the ordinary and strive for the extraordinary. Art is my language, my sanctuary, and my revolution, and I aim to share its beauty and complexity with the world.

My favorite poet is Mayakovsky, my favorite writer is Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez, my favorite film is Twin Peaks, my favorite person is my wife, my favorite musician—there are countless, my favorite dog is Mishka, my favorite color—I don't know. My favorite sin—about that later, My favorite...

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