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Alexei Antonov Fine Art -

"Aphrodites Dream" Print on Canvas 44x44 inches, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Giclee

"Aphrodites Dream" Print on Canvas 44x44 inches, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Giclee

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In this elegant work in the style of surrealism, the artist Antonov turned to the mythical image of Aphrodite.

  His depiction of the Goddess of love and beauty differs from the usual classical images.

To the surprise of the audience, the Artist decided to present an anthropomorphic version of

greatness and femininity in the form of a beautiful rose emerging from the foam.  Rose- Aphrodite is intoxicating . . . we see the very process of birth!

Painted with extraordinary skill and realism, the delicate petals flutter and open, gradually revealing the Botticellian profile of the goddess, who looks out at the night universe.  

The waves upon the sea are restless and turbulent. Will the foam want to part with its beautiful creation?

Hyperrealism in this surrealistic painting mesmerizes and amazes.

Artist Antonov poetically and skillfully depicts the elements - from mirror-like sea water to exploding waves. The foam against the velvety dark sky is drawn in such a way that we feel the saltiness of the water, the fountain of splashes, the power and humidity of the surging wave.  

We expect the rosebud to be foamy white, but what do we see? - It is saturated with fiery strokes. The Gods give young Aphrodite power over love and passion. Will she use her gift wisely?

The ironic and the romantic are woven together.  In the lace of petals Master Antonov has placed a string of intriguing images: hands, faces, shells, eyes.... They are multi- dimensional, unpaired and chaotically emerge from the rose, acquiring recognizable outlines.  Could the images be the sisters of Aphrodite?

Apparently, the birth process is not yet complete...

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