Anna 8"x10" Elegance in Grace

A timeless portrait capturing serene beauty with delicate brushstrokes and a meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the artist's mastery of classical painting techniques.

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Ksenya 24"x30" Vintage Charm

A classic depiction of feminine allure and sophistication, created using traditional oil painting methods to highlight the subtle play of light and shadow.

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Katya 24"x27" Youth in Motion

An energetic sketch of a child, highlighting the playful and carefree nature of childhood with loose, fluid lines.

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Holly 24"x30" Eternal Beauty

A graceful portrait showcasing traditional elegance, rendered with fine brushwork and a rich, layered palette to convey depth and texture.

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Model 24"x30" Classic Allure

A portrait that embodies grace and understated beauty, painted with a focus on achieving realistic skin tones and intricate details through glazing techniques.

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Neighbor boy 12"x16" The Essence of Youth

A portrait that captures the spirit of childhood in a layered technique, emphasizing clear, expressive features and simplicity.

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Neighbor girl 12"x16" Graceful Beginnings

A traditional masterpiece, capturing the innocent beauty of a child with refined brushstrokes and a soft, harmonious palette.

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Tanya 25"x18" Timeless Muse

A refined portrayal of a woman's tranquil poise, achieved through the artist's skilled use of chiaroscuro to enhance the natural contours and expressions.

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Tanya 30"x35" Graceful Essence:

A traditional masterpiece highlighting serene femininity, created with a blend of smooth, controlled strokes and careful color blending to achieve a lifelike appearance.

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Model 17"x22" Sophisticated Glance

A poised and elegant depiction of a woman's quiet strength, utilizing classical techniques of layering and scumbling to bring out the softness and depth in the portrait.

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As you can see, most of the portraits here are of women. This doesn't mean I haven't painted men; I simply gave special significance to my female portraits. Perhaps it's because I was a little bit in love with each of them... and each of them was, in a way, my muse. (There is a one I'm still quite in love with to this day.)

       There are also a couple of children's portraits here. Painting children is a unique challenge for artists, especially when done in a classical style. The difficulty lies in avoiding the influence of one’s own age and experience on the portrayal during the lengthy process of working with the canvas. Only now have I begun to understand that a child’s portrait demands a lighter, less verbose approach, so as not to burden the bright, airy image of a child with the weight of my own rugged experience.

       As you can see, under each portrait there is a "Contact Me" button. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can discuss everything, including pricing. Speaking of prices for portraits, let me tell you this: there are none. Or rather, there were, but every time the topic of a commission comes up, the prices on paper become unrecognizable, either increasing or decreasing. The cost of a portrait depends on many factors, even more so than the cost of a still life.