Lost Paintings of Maui

“Maui Collection: A Tribute to the Lost Paintings”

 How many galleries burned down during the Maui fire? 

The number of casualties in the Maui fire: Confirmed deaths: 100

“The Maui Collection: A Tribute to Masterpieces Lost in the Fire ” The “Maui Collection” is a sincere tribute to the exquisite paintings lost in the tragic fire on Maui, which claimed a huge number of paintings. The fire spared neither people, nor their homes, nor art galleries, nor works of art.

The paintings created by the artist Alexei Antonov that perished in the fire testify not only to his boundless creativity and skill, but also to a universal tragedy. Despite the fact that the originals were destroyed by the flames, their timeless beauty and spirit have found new life in this collection of meticulously crafted giclée prints.

More than 57 original paintings by Antonov, stored in Sargent’s Fine Art Gallery, were lost in the fire on Maui. Each print is not just a reproduction, but a resurrection of Alexei’s original paintings, accurately conveying every brushstroke, detail, and nuance. These giclées, born from the preservation of high-quality scans, allow us to restore the memory of Antonov's significant creative period. They become a beacon of hope, a testament to the resilience and triumph of the indomitable spirit of art.

In the face of loss, the “Maui Collection” stands as a symbol of renewal and continuity. We sincerely hope that this collection, with its vivid reproductions, brings not only joy, but also serves as a source of inspiration for all who view it. Let the lost paintings be gone, but their legacy lives on thanks to this poignant collection.