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Alexei Antonov Fine Art -

"Dichotomy" Print on Canvas 40x40 inches, Signed and Numbered Giclee Limited Edition

"Dichotomy" Print on Canvas 40x40 inches, Signed and Numbered Giclee Limited Edition

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The beauty of dichotomy is the beauty of opposites: light and darkness, tenderness and harshness - everything is born from a single twisted bud of the Universe and flies away with light-winged thoughts into the infinity of our consciousness.

The bud of the Universe pulsates with a red core, giving birth to the unity and opposites of black and white. Having dispersed from unity, they will never come together again, giving birth to the polarity of opposites. But these opposites, like light-winged butterflies, bring a starburst of consolation and tranquility to the restless islands of consciousness - and creative whirlwinds to the heights of light, to the dormant corners of our memory.

The Flower of Life is born of polarity - it is light and shadow, joy and sadness, complexity and simplicity, stillness and movement. All these are symbols of the eternal struggle and unity of opposites.

It must be admitted that the artist himself did not avoid some struggle when creating this masterpiece. Despite all the simplicity and ordinariness of black color, it is very shy and quite difficult to display on canvas. However, to the artist’s ALexei Antonov credit, he emerged victorious in this duel, creating a ribbon-fluffy floral fantasy - a perfectly black peony, unexpectedly giving birth to fluttering fauna.

On a whim, Alexei also gallantly creates "tetrachotomy" by placing the text “top” in red on all four sides of the painting. So you definitely can’t go wrong with wall placement to decorate the interior of your home, including your ceiling.

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